Fixed Fee Scheme Extended

Cost certainty for arbitration and adjudication
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Want cost certainty? Choose BDT to access credible, professional, proportionate and certain dispute resolution services.

BDT has extended its highly successful fixed fee low value claim arbitration and adjudication services to cover claims for under $100k.

Our fixed fee schemes are designed to better meet the needs of the building and construction sector for access to fair, prompt and cost effective dispute resolution services.

We understand that the cost of having building or construction disputes resolved, or uncertainty about those costs, prevents many people from recovering money that they are properly entitled to be paid under building and construction contracts and reluctant payers often use that situation to their advantage. 

    This is particularly so where the amount in dispute is relatively small by industry standards – claims for less than $100,000 including GST – and those payers assume that the payee will take no steps to recover the unpaid amount because the cost and bother of doing so outweighs the benefit.

    To redress that situation, the Building Disputes Tribunal provides fully administered fixed fee arbitration and adjudication services for low value claims of limited complexity. This scheme is aimed at providing parties to construction disputes with certainty as to the cost of taking a dispute to arbitration or adjudication so that parties can make informed and considered commercial decisions as to whether to proceed.

    This unique service ensures that the cost of having a low value claim resolved by arbitration or adjudication is not disproportionate to the amount in dispute. 

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