December 2022

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  • The Court of Appeal sounds the all clear and it’s business as usual under the CCA: so issue a payment schedule or pay up!
  • Case in Brief: Builder terminates contract with a “sorry mate… costs are going through the roof” but Queensland court says diddums
  • Book Review: Contracts for Infrastructure Projects: an International Guide
  • Council wins in battle with contractor
  • Ripping up the Resource Management Act
  • To bespoke or too bespoke – the case of an ADR clause that couldn’t be enforced
  • Are you being served? Service of payment claims under the CCA
  • Giving expert evidence in a construction dispute: seven fundamental elements of great evidence
  • Construction Pulse Survey 2022: managing projects through uncertainty as skills availability declines and costs escalate Are final account negotiations covered by “without prejudice” privilege?
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