September 2022

  • Competition not working well in residential building supplies
  • Fire risk – defective cladding litigation heats up
  • Case in Brief: Supreme Court of New South Wales finds force
    majeure clause offered no protection for loss and damage to
    goods in transit
  • Labelling an image as an ‘artist impression’ was found not
    to give a developer artistic licence in a claim of misleading
    and deceptive contract over an ‘off-the-plan’ premium
  • Construction trends 2022: Inflation, staffing and sustainability
  • Court of Appeal solves collateral warranty adjudication riddle
  • The Supreme Court of Queensland enforces a dispute
    resolution clause referring disputes to expert determination
  • Binding construction programme? the risks with making the
    programme a contract document
  • A late adjudication decision in NSW is unlikely to be void
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