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The Building Disputes Tribunal (BDT) seeks to provide proportionate dispute resolution options for parties to building and construction disputes. In line with this principle, BDT has developed and offers a fixed fee adjudication process for low value monetary claims of limited complexity (the LVC Scheme).

If your claim is not eligible for the LVC Scheme, you will be asked to pay a security amount into BDT’s trust account.

Ultimately, the adjudication fee payable will depend on which track your claim proceeds along – the LVC Scheme or General Claims. Regardless of which track you are in, you will still receive the same high quality, fully administered, adjudication process.

Use our adjudication fee calculator to see what fixed fee or security amount applies to your dispute.

There is no application fee charged for the nomination of adjudicators. However, if the claim settles or is withdrawn for any other reason before a determination is made, there is a non-refundable  administration fee of $750 incl. GST.


of adjudications are administered under our LVC Scheme


You may be eligible to apply for adjudication under the BDT’s fixed fee Low Value Claim Scheme where:

  1. your claim is for a sum of money less than $100,000;
  2. your dispute involves three or less issues (for example, three items of defective works or three variations); and
  3. the volume of materials required to present your case falls within the limits set out below.

The cost of determining General Claims is based on the time engaged on the duties of the matter by the adjudicator. The cost depends on many factors including: the number and complexity of the matters in issue; the volume of documentation and evidence provided; the manner in which the documentation and other evidence is provided; and whether and to what extent a party chooses to engage legal or other expert advisers to assist in the preparation of a claim or response.

Total Successful vs Unsuccessful Claims (2018-2019)


Successful and partly successful claims


Unsuccessful claims


Total cost of adjudication on average of the claimed amount (2019)

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